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Abattoir et Marché de Bastogne SA

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Probila-Unitrab is a Belgium professional organization for Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers which represents the interests of the organic food and natural goods sector on a political, ecological and economic level. The organization participates in the constitution of national and international legislative projects, for example in the enhancements of the EU-Organic Regulations.

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Member for
6 years 3 months
Rue des Abattoirs, 6
6 600
061 21 76 38
abattage de bovin, ovins, cervidés; viande de bœuf; viande d'agneau; viandes hachées et préparation de viande
Abattage de bovins, ovins, cervidés Viande de bœuf, viande d’agneau, viandes hachées et préparation de viande
slachten runderen, schapen, herten; rundvlees; lamsvlees; gehakt vlees en vleesbereidingen